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Subject:Dynamic probes prototype
From:Bertrand Delacretaz (
Date:May 31, 2012 8:43:54 am

Hi devicemap folks (long time no see ;-)

I've just committed a prototype using a "dynamic probes" technique which detects device features using client-side javascript, and makes that available both on the client and server sides.

This is inspired by and - for now my features detection code is extremely basic, but we can later merge with what was used in the previous logcapture prototype (using modernizr and platform.js), and/or collaborate with those other projects on the javascript features detection code, which is the hard part IMO.

The rest is just fairly simple plumbing, see [1] for a description of the detection scenario (the code is there BTW).

I've uploaded a runnable jar of that prototype [2], to play with it start with java -jar that.jar and open http://localhost:8085.

If the DMAP_p cookie is not present or too old (30 seconds for now, useful for testing), browsing to any page should first redirect to the DMAP_probe.html page, which runs the features detection code (outside of any content pages, so conveniently isolated), sets the cookie and redirects to the originally requested page.

Comments/flames/patches welcome.



[2] md5 87691b9e6551fb89d04c932b2ac05d8d