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Subject:Re: [Xen-users] VMWare vs. Xen, is the conflict by VMware deliberate?
From:Ndex Server (
Date:Feb 22, 2008 11:42:57 am

VMware is a fully functional, full featured virtualization engine. It supports hardware and paravirtualization.

You don't run Xen *and* VMware together, that's the equivalent of running Solaris NIS+ inside Linux chroot.

VMware is a *closed* source commercial product which does provide a few open source packages. Xen is an open source project which (under their new Citrix masters) also provides commercial products.

The reason to choose Xen over VMware are the same reason you'd choose Linux over Solaris. Cost, support services and access to the open source.

What you're suggesting is running nested hypervisors, there's NO performance advantage, no security advantage, no virutalization advantage.

What you are trying to do is completely illogical -- the VMware hypervisor and the Xen hypervisor cannot *both* own ring0.

Load a VMware Server instance on a Linux 32 bit host (on EM64T hardware) with VMX enabled then load an EM64T Guest, sent debug = "TRUE" in the guest .vmx configuration file and read the vmware.log output file.

Full virtualization.

Then burn the box and invite everyone to the party.

Cheers, ndex

On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 12:38 AM, Nico Kadel-Garcia <> wrote:

Javier Guerra wrote:

On 2/18/08, Nico Kadel-Garcia <> wrote:

The bit about refusing to run with a Xen hypervisor in place was very clear, however. It might be justified, but the refusal to even try to start up seemed excessively harsh. I'm happy to accept a warning that what I'm about to attempt with my software is a bad idea, but I want a reference to exactly what the problem is or at least the ability to try it, anyway, after insisting on the warning.

in most cases, "check; but try anyway" would be a serious bug IMO.

if you're trying to run VMWare on PV, 'trying' would definitely fail, and quite possibly crash the whole system. that's because PV doesn't emulate hardware, not even close.

if it's refusing to run on HVM... well, it _should_ run, possibly with some limitations, and big overhead... but run. then i would say it's not nice on VMWare's part

Javier, I was trying to do this on Dom0, not inside a DomU. I'll take a shot at a fully Xen virtualized DomU runn VMWare inside it, as soon as I get a few cycles.