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Subject:Re: [tptp-testing-tools-dev] TPTP Test Project Weekly Meeting Minutes - 04-June-2007
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Date:Jun 4, 2007 7:42:16 am

I suggest that for most people at this point testing be done with Europa as a base and not the all in one packaging. These should become the same very soon, but we need to ensure the Europa download experience works well.

Thanks for your time.

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Subject [tptp-testing-tools-dev] TPTP Test Project Weekly Meeting Minutes -        04-June-2007

Thanks, --Joe

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DuWayne Morris Patrick Nedelec Joseph Toomey Jerome Gout Liz Dancy Bianca Xue Jiang Mark Dunn

Missing: Paul Slauenwhite (Holiday) Kent Siefkes (Conflict)


1) 4.4 Update. 2) Action items. 3) Notes


1) 4.4 Update:

** On Wednesday morning (June 6th) we will begin the i4 testpass. We expect the
Wednesday morning build to be our Release Candidate.**

The test project anticipates no further fixes required for 4.4, but if blocking
issues arise, they must be approved and delivered by end of day tomorrow --
Tuesday (June 5th). Today and tomorrow should be spent working on test
automation and closing defects that were resolved in 4.4 but have not yet been
validated and closed.

Open test automation defects:

170656 171827 87285 170655 170652 170651 121726 170653 170654

Reminder that CVS is in 4.4 i4 PMC Approval mode. We do not anticipate any
additional changes for i4. If blocking issues are identified, you must create a
patch, fill out the template, get a code review, get approval from Test Project
(Joe in Paul's absence) and then get PMC approval.

Reminder that all-in-one driver is packaged with EMF 2.3 only, and that EMF 2.3
does not work with Java 1.4.2. When testing with 1.4.2, you must remove EMF 2.3
and install EMF 2.2 (or do not use the all-in-one for 1.4.2 testing.)

2) Action Items

All committers to verify and close defects they originated:

Around the room:

DuWayne -- can dedicate most of his time to test automation this week aside from
test pass. Bianca -- will do test pass, has little time for else Jerome -- Test pass, verify/close defects Patrick -- Test pass, verify/close defects, test automation Mark -- verify/close defects Joe -- automation, test pass, verify/close defects Liz -- 1-2 platform defects today, test pass, verify/close defects, automation

3) Notes:=