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Subject:Re: Additional schema visitor
From:Kohsuke Kawaguchi (Kohs@Sun.COM)
Date:Jul 11, 2005 10:08:43 am

Kirill Grouchnikov wrote:


I've added another schema visitor that creates a TreeModel - com.sun.xml.xsom.impl.util.SchemaTreeTraverser. It contains four inner public classes: 1. Tree model 2. Tree node 3. Root tree node 4. Sample cell renderer

In addition, i've added TreeDumper class under examples/dumper. Its main function gets a single parameter (schema location) and shows a window with schema tree.

Please review the code and tell me if anything should be changed.

Thanks. It looks OK to me.

I'd like to have XSOM-related discussions in the users list. Besides the easier mail filtering, I'm hoping that it would attract other people to the project.

About the tree model, I'm curious why you decided to have one node object for each component. I'm not a Swing expert, but I thought the whole idea behind the TreeModel class is so that one can just use his domain object model (in XSOM's case that would be XS****) as the node object.

That would allow you to:

- get back to XSComponent from the user's selection - launch JFrame much quickly without traversing the whole tree