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WillieNov 23, 2009 6:38 am 
Klaas, WilfriedNov 24, 2009 5:20 am 
Subject:ComboBox and TabPanel
From:Willie (
Date:Nov 23, 2009 6:38:38 am


i have got two problem, using a ComboBox on a TabPanel. It's quite simple. On a simple TabPanel i add two tab's. The first one with a textfield and the second one with the Combobox. The ComboBox has an attacht store. First, if i start this simple app, there is a cpu load of 20% (on my machine) and the app is comsumpting memory. Second, i can't change the text of the second tab. There is no error but the changing will not be displayed. (Lazy loading problem?) If i switch to the panel with the Combobox the cpu load will drop to 0 and everything is alright. Now i can switch between both panels without any problems.

If i change the two panel, first adding the combobox panel and then the textfield, everything is working.

Some code for this:

package de.mcs.gwt.test.client;

import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List;

import com.gwtext.client.core.EventObject; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.Button; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.Panel; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.TabPanel; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.event.ButtonListenerAdapter; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.form.ComboBox; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.form.FieldSet; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.form.FormPanel; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.form.TextField; import com.gwtext.client.widgets.form.event.ComboBoxListenerAdapter;

/** * @author Jan Thomae */ public class LoginFrameControl extends Panel {

class UnitTO { private String name;

private String displayName;

private String reference;

public UnitTO(final String displayName, final String name, final String reference) { this.displayName = displayName; = name; this.reference = reference; } }

private ComboBox unitBox;

private TextField loginField;

private FormPanel loginPanel;

private FieldSet loginData;

private FormPanel settingPanel;

private FieldSet extendedSettings;

private Button loginButton;

private ArrayList<UnitTO> unitList;

public LoginFrameControl() { unitList = new ArrayList<UnitTO>(); UnitTO unit = new UnitTO("Unit1", "Unit1", "Unit1"); unitList.add(unit); unit = new UnitTO("Unit2", "Unit2", "Unit2"); unitList.add(unit);

createContent(); }

private void createContent() { TabPanel tabPanel = new TabPanel(); tabPanel.setBorder(true); tabPanel.setHeader(false); tabPanel.setResizeTabs(true); tabPanel.setMinTabWidth(145); tabPanel.setEnableTabScroll(false); tabPanel.setWidth(360); tabPanel.setHeight(230); tabPanel.setActiveTab(0); tabPanel.addClass("loginPanel");

loginPanel = new FormPanel(); loginPanel.setBorder(false); loginPanel.setFrame(true); loginPanel.setPaddings(10);

loginData = new FieldSet();

loginField = new TextField(); loginField.setValidateOnBlur(false); loginField.setValidationEvent(false); // loginField.setValue(controller.getUsername()); loginField.focus();



settingPanel = new FormPanel(); settingPanel.setBorder(false); settingPanel.setFrame(true); settingPanel.setPaddings(10);

extendedSettings = new FieldSet();

unitBox = new ComboBox(); unitBox.setEditable(false); unitBox.setForceSelection(true); unitBox.setDisplayField("displayName"); unitBox.setMode(ComboBox.LOCAL); unitBox.setValueField("reference"); unitBox.setStore(new Store(createReader())); unitBox.setLazyRender(false); // unitBox.setTriggerAction(ComboBox.ALL);

unitBox.addListener(new ComboBoxListenerAdapter() { public void onSelect(ComboBox comboBox, Record record, int i) { // controller.setSelectedUnit((UnitTO) record.getAsObject("data")); } });

extendedSettings.add(unitBox); settingPanel.add(extendedSettings);

tabPanel.add(loginPanel); tabPanel.add(settingPanel);

loginButton = new Button(); loginButton.addListener(new ButtonListenerAdapter() { public void onClick(Button button, EventObject eventObject) { login(loginField); } });

tabPanel.addButton(loginButton); add(tabPanel); updateNLSText();

updateUnitBox(unitList); }

private void updateNLSText() { loginPanel.setTitle(Translator.translate("TAB_LOGIN")); loginData.setTitle(Translator.translate ("LoginData.LOGINDATA")); settingPanel.setTitle(Translator.translate("TAB_EXTENDED")); loginField.setLabel(Translator.translate("LoginData.USER")); extendedSettings.setTitle(Translator.translate ("Extended.EXTENDED_SETTINGS")); unitBox.setLabel(Translator.translate("Extended.UNIT")); loginButton.setText(Translator.translate("LOGIN")); doLayout(true); }

private void updateUnitBox(List<UnitTO> units) { unitBox.getStore().setDataProxy(createProxy((List<UnitTO>) units)); unitBox.getStore().reload(); if (unitBox.getStore().getCount() > 1) { unitBox.setVisible(true); } else { unitBox.setVisible(false); } updateSelectedUnit(); }

private void updateSelectedUnit() { unitBox.setValue(unitList.get(0).displayName); }

private DataProxy createProxy(List<UnitTO> data) { Object[][] objects = new Object[data.size()][]; for (int i = 0; i < data.size(); i++) { UnitTO item = data.get(i); objects[i] = new Object[] {item.displayName, item.reference, item}; } return new MemoryProxy(objects); }

private Reader createReader() { return new ArrayReader(new RecordDef(new FieldDef[] {new StringFieldDef("displayName"), new StringFieldDef("reference"), new ObjectFieldDef ("data")})); }

private void login(final TextField loginField) { } }

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