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Subject:[courier-users] CRAM-MD5 and pop3d-ssl
From:Joe Laffey (
Date:Jun 1, 2014 10:32:20 am


We recently upgraded our mail server and found that newer versions of Courier seem to have trouble with CRAM-MD5 authentication, at least when using SSL.

I found this:

and was able to get CRAM-MD5 to work with IMAP. However it still does not want to work with pop3-ssl or esmtp-ssl (for outgoing).

I added "AUTH=CRAM-MD5" keyword to the IMAP_CAPABILITY environment variable. Is there something similar to pop or esmtp?

Any thoughts?

If I have to I can get users to switch to password or plain authentication (it is over SSL after all). But I would rather not have to talk everyone through that.

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