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Subject:Re: Is there a maximum number of Trackers that can be placed on one page?
From:Chris Roos ()
Date:Apr 18, 2008 11:56:01 am

Hey Jeremy,

The auto-tagging actually works fine. We get all the campaign/adgroup/keyword info in Analytics from all of our AdWords acounts. The thing that the linking of AdWords/Analytics gives you is clicks and cost (which I don't believe we'd get from manually tagging either) of those campaigns/adgroups/keywords. We currently have one account linked and therefore get the click/cost data from that account but none of the others.



On Apr 18, 7:45 pm, JezC wrote:

You should be able to use the URL builder to add campaign, etc as "&utm_campaign=...", etc. The 1:1 matching of AdWords and Analytics account is probably because you rely on the AutoTag. If you use, e.g. the AdWords API to tag adverts, then you still get a feed of advert & keyword info. You can, if you are sneaky, actually improve on the gclid/AutoTag feed - by using keyword level destination URLs, and thereby stuffing the match type into the keyword. Rewrite it as you enter GA and you can extract keyword, match type and search query - AFAIK, that's hard to do with Autotagging.

Cheers, JeremyC.

On Apr 18, 9:47 am, Chris Roos wrote:

We use seven AdWords accounts to manage our campaigns/adverts/keywords that drive traffic to one site. We want to measure AdWords ROI but because of the one to one mapping of AdWords accounts to Analytics accounts, we would end up with 7 Analytics accounts and therefore 7 trackers on every page. I haven't done any investigation into how long a tracker takes to initialize itself and write the tracking image to the page (I think this is how it works) but I figure that 7 trackers might just take a long enough time that we lose significant amounts of data. Does anyone have any experience with this number of trackers? Searching google for 'var thirdTracker' suggests that a few people may have up to three but I've not seen any talk of more than this.