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Subject:Re: [xwiki-devs] [Proposal] XWiki Core - Second take
From:Marius Dumitru Florea (
Date:Aug 19, 2015 2:07:34 am

On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 12:58 AM, Denis Gervalle <> wrote:

Hi Vincent,

I am still not convince by your proposal of splitting in two organizations xwiki-extension and xwiki-incubator. What is really the benefit ?

IMO, this does not provide any, but will have an annoying disadvantage, the need to move source code from one organization to the other. Moving source code repositories is always the source of annoyance, just see how fast the history aspect has been raised in the thread. Moreover, as I said earlier, some extension may be good quality at its first release.

I agree that moving repos (i.e. the source code) back and forth between xwiki-extensions and xwiki-incubator is an overhead we should try to avoid. Ideally the source code should remain in the same place and we should just "tag" (mark) the repo based on our needs. We can distinguish high quality extensions at maven level (by publising the artifacts in a separte maven repo), as Denis suggested. This has the advantage that we can promote high quality extensions independent of the place where their source code is (xwiki-contrib or personal repo). Afterall, when we configure the Extension Manager we specify artifact repos not source repos.

Again, I am under the impression that two different aspects are mixed here: source code location, and binary artefact publication.

So my proposal is to only have 2 organizations, like today (maybe renamed xwiki-core and xwiki-extensions for more clarity), and to move extension out of the core to the contrib (extension) organization in individual repository (using git subtree as suggested by Thomas).

This is simpler and I do not see any drawbacks for the purpose you pursue. The rest will be, as Thomas mentioned, a matter of artefact publications, something really unrelated with the location of sources, and as you mentioned, that may be discussed in a separate thread.


On Sun, Aug 2, 2015 at 8:43 PM, <> wrote:


I’d like to progress with this idea so let me summarize this thread’s discussion so far:

* +1 from Thomas, Guillaume, Caty and Marius * No answer from Edy on whether he’s ok with the proposal or not. Edy? :) * Denis seems negative about it but I agree with Thomas’s reply in that the points raised by Denis do not concern this discussion. Denis commented about publishing and installing Extensions, whereas this proposal was only about a location for storing some extensions. Extensions can be developed anywhere and don’t have to go into this new proposed location. Denis, could you please review this new proposal with this in mind? * There were discussions about the name and devs express doubts about using xwiki-contrib-sandbox.

I’d like to progress so here’s my second proposal. It differs from the first proposal on the following points:

* All our code is contributed so I don’t think we need to emphasize this point and I don’t think we need to have “contrib” in the name of the github repos. This will lead to shorter names which is better. * I propose to have 3 github org: ** xwiki-core (currently “xwiki” but we should probably rename it - Github will create redirects and the only downside is that we need to check it out for making repo changes) ** xwiki-extensions (new). For maintained and good quality level extensions, following the charter defined in the first proposal (we’ll tune it). Committers are added extension by extension and will be voted on the devs list for now, by the xwiki core devs (we’ll tune that later on) ** xwiki-incubator (currently “xwiki-contrib” but we should rename it). Extensions in xwiki-extensions that are no longer working with the latest LTS and that nobody is fixing will move back to xwiki-incubator too. * I propose to change the goal of the wiki and to expand its goal. Right now it’s focused about the xwiki-contrib organization on GitHub. I propose to make it the wiki that explains how to make contributions to the XWiki ecosystem in general. We would move + add pages for explaining how to contribute to xwiki-core, xwiki-extensions and xwiki-incubator. * ATM we should continue to use the “org.xwiki.contrib" groupid for code in the xwiki-incubator and xwiki-extensions organizations. Ideally we should use org.xwiki.extension but it’s already used by the Extension module in xwiki-core. An option would have been to use org.xwiki.core for the core but that would break too much code so the only option is to keep having a special prefix for non-core code. Other ideas: “org.xwiki.module”, “org.xwiki.ext”, “org.xwiki.external”, “org.xwiki.addon”. The simplest is to keep “org.xwiki.contrib” I think, WDYT?

Once (and if) we agree on this, I’d like to quickly move some existing extensions from the xwiki-core organization into xwiki-extensions, starting with the FAQ Application, in order to start testing this new organization.


Thanks -Vincent

On 3 Dec 2014 at 15:58:36, ( wrote:

Hi committers (and devs in general),

I’m submitting to you this idea, to try to improve the xwiki open source

project and to give it a new dynamism. I believe the topics discussed below are made even more important since we’re soon going to develop the notion of flavors in XWiki.

Note that this proposal obsoletes the proposal (i.e. the move of some extensions in the xwiki github organization), which itself was obsoleting

Issues to solve ===============

* The scope of the code maintained by the XWiki Dev Team (== the xwiki github organization) is increasing but the team stays relatively small * The more stuff we move into the repos of the xwiki github

organization, the less easy it is for non-“XWiki Dev Team” committers to participate and we want more contributions

Proposed solution =================

Executive summary: * Reduce the scope of all the code located in the xwiki github organization by only keeping “core” modules * A “core" module is defined by being a generic transversal module (i.e.

that can be used in lots of XWiki flavors, if not all). This is opposed to “vertical” modules which are modules specific of a usage of XWiki.

** Examples of “core" modules: logging module, configuration module,

distribution wizard, statistics application, annotations, active installs, one base flavor (the “XWiki” flavor), etc

** Example of “vertical” modules: meeting manager application, blog application, FAQ application, flavors (except the base flavor), etc

Some consequences: * We need a new location for several modules that would go out of the xwiki github organization repos * It would be good to separate sandbox extensions from 1st class

extensions that are maintained and developed following best practices. We need some way to maintain the quality of important extensions

Detailed Implementation: * The “xwiki” github organization’s description becomes “XWiki Core” (it’s too complex to rename the org to “xwiki-core” IMO) * “XWiki Dev Team” becomes the “XWiki Core Team” (and committers in there are called “XWiki Core Committers”). * “xwiki-contrib” is split into 2 github organizations (technically we rename it to “xwiki-contrib-sandbox”): ** “xwiki-contrib-sandbox” (or “xwiki-incubator”), where newly proposed extensions or abandoned extensions are located ** “xwiki-contrib-extensions”, where maintained extensions are located. * These 2 organizations are commonly referred to as “XWiki Contrib" * Same as now, anyone requesting a repo in xwiki-contrib-sandbox would

be granted one and he/she’d be given write access to all repos in the xwiki-contrib-sandbox organization.

* We define some rules for graduating from xwiki-contrib-sandbox to xwiki-contrib-extensions. For example: ** The extension should have been in xwiki-contrib-sandbox at least 6

months (this gives time to see if the extension is maintained during that time and will survive the test of time - most extensions will die in the first months)

** The extension should have had more than 2 releases and be published on with documentation ** The extension should work with the latest LTS version of XWiki + the

latest stable version of XWiki (right now that would be 5.4.5 + 6.3). Note that if the extension has to use new API it’s ok that it doesn’t work on the latest LTS.

** Generally follow the practices defined at * Each extension in xwiki-extensions has a leader/maintainer. He/she’s

the one proposing to move the extension from xwiki-sandbox to xwiki-extensions. He/she’s responsible for ensuring that the extension gets regular releases and is maintained in general. He/she defines initially the list of committers in his email proposal for moving the extension.

* We create a PMC (Project Management Committee) for XWiki Contrib,

generally in charge of both xwiki-contrib-sandbox and xwiki-contrib-extensions (voting new extensions in xwiki-contrib-extensions, vote new PMC members, etc). To bootstrap it, I would send a mail on devs@ asking who’s interested to be part of this committee. I expect some core committers + some contrib committers to stand up.

* Contrib extensions keep using the org.xwiki.contrib package name and groupid as currently defined at

Note: The idea is that xwiki core is developed as a team maintaining all

code in there, xwiki contrib is developed extension by extension (each extension is an island). This allows anyone to propose extensions in XWiki Contrib without the need for everyone to support them.


Thanks -Vincent