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Subject:RE: JSR-170 support?
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Date:May 22, 2002 12:59:24 am

Hello Amos Shapiro,

There are two standards in progress currently: JRS147 and JSR 170.

* JSR 147: A standard API based on Delta-V * JSR 170: A content management API (based on WebDAV?)

Both Remy and Juergen are expert members in those JSRs.

Yes, we are planning to implement those APIs in Slide in one of the next versions. Currently we have a client API, which is Slide specific.

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Asking about standard API for WebDAV on, I got a pointer to JSR-170: "Content Repository for JavaTM technology API".

Do Slide development follow this standard? Are there any concere plans to implement it once it's out?


--Amos Shapira

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