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John CaseyMar 21, 2009 7:13 pm 
Subject:[ANN] Maven 2.1.0 Released
From:John Casey (
Date:Mar 21, 2009 7:13:21 pm

The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of Maven 2.1.0.

Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.

You can download the new version at:

You can find release notes for this version below, or at:


-The Maven team


Release Notes - Maven 2.1.0

** Sub-task * [MNG-4025] - Prominently document opt-out setting for parallel artifact resolution for users * [MNG-4042] - Use plexus-sec-dispatcher 1.0 in Maven core when it is released

** Bug * [MNG-1349] - openssl checksums are not accepted by maven * [MNG-1585] - debug logging from wagon not shown in debug mode * [MNG-1992] - CLI -D should override properties in settings.xml * [MNG-1999] - Reporting inheritance does not work properly * [MNG-2432] - Apache and Mojo plugins take precendence over plugins in the pom. * [MNG-2433] - Maven looks for snapshots in offline mode * [MNG-2605] - Profiles in profiles.xml are active by default * [MNG-2668] - Plugin dependencies should be considered when the reactor creates the build order list * [MNG-2690] - DefaultPluginManager.getConfiguredMojo() doesn't handle NoClassDefFoundError correctly * [MNG-2695] - -o makes build fail for snapshot plugins * [MNG-2720] - Multiproject dependencies not accurate for project.compileClasspathElements when run from root project * [MNG-3023] - Reactor projects should be included in dependency resolution * [MNG-3057] - properties not expanded in generated POMs when building A/B/C nested projects * [MNG-3139] - The skin does not exist: Unable to determine the release version * [MNG-3217] - a plugin's dependencies can influence other plugins in a build * [MNG-3228] - Maven profile activation does not work when profile is defined in inherited 'parent' pom * [MNG-3271] - <excludeDefaults> does not seem to work * [MNG-3284] - Cached plugins are used, even when the specifically declared * [MNG-3314] - offline build not running, when having SNAPSHOT dependencies * [MNG-3621] - site url inheritance broken for UNC paths * [MNG-3628] - When running offline, snapshot artifcats cannot be resolved even if they have previously be dowloaded from a repository * [MNG-3641] - Lack of error checks on profiles * [MNG-3645] - Maven doesn't do strict model validation for POMs in the current reactor * [MNG-3719] - [regression] plugin execution ordering no longer POM ordered in 2.0.9 * [MNG-3757] - Setting M2_HOME to nothing and running ant delets contents of the current folder * [MNG-3769] - [regression] Excluding relocated transitive dependencies does not work * [MNG-3776] - Namespace misspelled in settings.xml * [MNG-3808] - Execution order of report plugins is arbitrary if inheritance is involved * [MNG-3810] - [regression] Null Pointer Exception when Activation Profile Property is Empty * [MNG-3811] - Report plugins don't inherit configuration * [MNG-3899] - Inheritance does not merge extensions with same gid and aid * [MNG-3906] - Project-level plugin dependencies are in random order after merging * [MNG-3920] - Problem using velocity component * [MNG-3930] - mvn.bat doesn't handle ampersand in Windows user name properly * [MNG-3933] - Profiles.xml does not pickup OS family * [MNG-3940] - Interpolation of environment variables is not case-insensitive on Windows * [MNG-3948] - Remote repos defined by profiles outside of settings.xml are not used to resolve parent POMs * [MNG-3974] - New mirror syntax is not stopping on first match * [MNG-4016] - Properties with the prefix project/pom are not interpolated from the properties section * [MNG-4023] - Profiles from parent POM are injected multiple times if parent is part of reactor build * [MNG-4026] - [regression] Order of project class path does not match POM order during reactor build * [MNG-4032] - Test jar dependency not available for for main classes in multi module builds * [MNG-4043] - Resolve or rollback WebDAV wagon deployment issue where hostname is improperly extracted from URL * [MNG-4074] - cyclic reference with 2.1.0-RC1 that doesn't occur with 2.0.10 * [MNG-4079] - Duplicate error messages * [MNG-4084] - Unnecessary Warning for an activate profile in child project * [MNG-4086] - [regression] Explicitly using plugin metaversions crashes plugin manager * [MNG-4087] - Percent encoded characters in file URLs are not decoded upon deployment

** Improvement * [MNG-1830] - add a 'compiled on <timestamp>' label when maven 2 is invoked with --version option * [MNG-1957] - <jdk></jdk> clause in the activation section has to provide more complex expressions. * [MNG-3424] - Respect ordering of elements as given in POM * [MNG-3451] - Add german translation * [MNG-3503] - Shade MX* classes from plexus-utils * [MNG-3544] - Beautify debug output for mojo parameters of type array * [MNG-3600] - remove default settings of 664 / 775 for permissions * [MNG-3787] - Add plugin version to default reports * [MNG-3794] - Improve error logging when downloading depedencies * [MNG-3795] - Add example <pluginGroups> snippet to conf/settings.xml in distribution * [MNG-3867] - Support MAVEN_OPTS in mvnDebug script * [MNG-3951] - Hide drive-relative paths from plugins * [MNG-3971] - Provide parity in features between native ant-mojo support and antrun plugin * [MNG-3975] - getArtifact(Artifact artifact, List remoteRepositories) should include Exception in debug log messages. * [MNG-4024] - Open up CLIManager * [MNG-4037] - Include Java home in version information * [MNG-4057] - Propose checking of plugin artifact when plugin descriptor cannot be found * [MNG-4075] - Tone down warnings about reactor dependencies that don't have an associated file * [MNG-4091] - Validate the plugin descriptors and improve error reporting when mismatched with artifact * [MNG-4092] - remove plugin listeners for minor memory improvement and to avoid scanning descriptors from dependencies of plugins

** New Feature * [MNG-553] - Secure Storage of Server Passwords * [MNG-2097] - adding a phase called prepare-package * [MNG-3379] - Parallel resolution of artifacts * [MNG-3760] - Support property ${baseurl} to get RFC-compliant URL of project base directory * [MNG-3914] - Add CLI option to control location of global settings from command line

** Task * [MNG-2387] - <active> on <proxy> in settings is misleading * [MNG-2883] - Make sure that the network isn't used for snapshots in offline mode when legacy repositories are used * [MNG-3602] - Schedule and release Doxia-1.1 * [MNG-3842] - Revert temporary changes to scp wagon handling * [MNG-3936] - Remove m2.bat from distribution * [MNG-4030] - Release maven-plugin-tools 2.4.4/2.5 to enable enhanced ant-mojo support * [MNG-4031] - Release plexus-ant-factory 1.0-alpha-2.1 to enable enhanced ant-mojo support * [MNG-4046] - Update to Doxia 1.0 * [MNG-4077] - Review log level for VersionExpressionTransformation.transformVersions()

** Wish * [MNG-4056] - Relax resolution of active project artifacts from the reactor with regard to artifact type