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Subject:Re: changing the publication title
From:Wolfgang Jeltsch (
Date:Jun 22, 2008 1:19:33 pm

Am Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008 20:42 schrieb Andreas Hartmann:

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I want to change the title of my publication which is shown on the top of every page. I discovered that this title is set by cmsui_de.xml (for German). So I copied the file cmsui_de.xml of the default publication into the corresponding directory of my publication and changed it accordingly. Surprisingly, my pages didn’t change.

It's not possible to use different values for the same i18n message in different publications, since all values are cached during startup.

If you need publication-specific i18n messages, you have to use publication-specific i18n catalogues.

I don’t understand this. I thought by creating a file cmsui_de.xml in my publication, I create a separate catalogue and the fallback mechanism would choose this cmsui_de.xml file instead of the one of the default publication.

Unfortunately the (aggregate-)fallback:// mechanism can't be applied to i18n, at least not without serious performance degradation. The i18n transformer uses a single (global) URI to reference the catalogue, and the first result of the request to this URI is cached. So, the first requested publication would win, and all subsequently requested publications would use the same i18n messages.

You'd have to switch off caching (which will make the application really slow) or declare a dedicated transformer for each publication.

A possible solution would be an enhanced i18n transformer which

* builds the catalogue URI dynamically based on the current publication * maintains a set of catalogues (one per publication) * caches all these catalogues

Puuh, I cannot imagine that it’s that complicated to just change the website title. Do the Lenya developers really intend that all publications derived from the default publication show “Welcome to the Default Publication from the Lenya community!” on each page? Or how should I change the title if not via overwriting the catalogues?


Best wishes, Wolfgang