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Subject:Re: Can Picasa Import photos into Auto-Generated Folders based on Dates?
From:mfuery ()
Date:Apr 4, 2008 1:56:58 am

Yes, I also fully agree with the thread creator! I have a canon camera with software that, when I plug in the usb, it auto-downloads all *new* photos from my camera into a specified incoming folder, into folders based on the date of each picture YYYY_MM_DD. Chronology is the basis of my organizational strategy! I love picasa and I would double love it if this feature was integrated into picasa. I want to have that same functionality with my Motorola Sliver camera phone. That would be *awesome*. It's ghetto to have a little batch file copy all my photos over and recopy all the old pictures I already copied the last time. Cheers.

On Apr 1, 2:44 pm, zepking wrote:

I can see how people would use both ways. I guess for me....I have two little kids...and I take alot of pics of them....just regular pics...they're not neccessarily events.

On Apr 1, 4:29 pm, Don Lind wrote:

They *do* read these forums... and they do listen... it sometimes takes them too long before we see the changes... but it does happen. :-)

I usually have several days worth of pics on the camera

Shame on you! :-) Shoot the event, import the photos, wipe the card, and be ready to shoot the next event... :-) Ideally.... almost always my "events" are one day... but yeah... vacations or extended trips are indeed multi-day things... So it definitely happens that there are multiple days on a single card... But I *usually* import the whole vacation in a single folder and then use "Albums" to do the detailed organization... I don't think I'd want them to be broken into separate days...

But that's OK... People organize photos in different ways. The "auto date" folder names is a useful feature and there are plenty of people who *do* organize that way. And Picasa could be tweaked to support that without much work at all.

The automatically generated date folders *could* get a little tricky, though... Some people have the year as a folder, months as sub folders, and then days under that... certainly something that could be implemented. Like I said, it's a little trickier - certainly not a deal-breaker.

I still find it easier to work with a folder named "Billy's Birthday 2008" than a folder named "2008-04-01" - the event name is just more meaningful to me... When I look at my folder list, I see what I think is more useful info than just a bunch of numbers (dates).

BUT - each to his own. There are many reasonable ways to organize things...


On Apr 1, 12:38 pm, zepking wrote:

I see what your saying. You organize your picture folders based on an event name. I've thought about that. Problem is, I usually have several days worth of pics on the camera and importing only a few of them to put in an event folder and then importing a few more to put in another event folder would take too much time for me. For me it makes sense to do the opposite. Have them organized by date on the hard disc and then look at them with picasa and tag them (by event) when I get the chance and I can always look at them by event using picasa.

I'd suggest to Picasa....having everything be exactly the same...only on the text box where you enter the folder name....give us an option to enter YYYY-MM-DD And have picasa know that if you put in YYYY MM and DD that means auto generate folder names in that format. So anyone can enter in exactly how their previous program has been generating folder names....whether it be with underscores or dashes or etc. You can type in YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY_MM_DD or MM-DD-YYYY

I think that would be a great solution.

Don Lind wrote:

Yeah... don't you hate it when you don't really sound the way you wanted to?

OK, yeah... Picasa doesn't make folder names that are dates. Could they? Yes. But so far, they don't do that.

Personally, that's really low on my "want" list. Picasa keeps track of a "date" attribute for every folder already. I like my folders to have names that reflect the event where the photos were taken. The date is there with the folder - but it's just not the *name* of the folder.

If you use the "flat" view of the folders (the default view), you can easily get your folders displayed sorted by date...

I find that a lot nicer than having nested date folders and managing a hierarchy of folders for my photos.

BUT, I also realize that a lot of people *do* like the folder names to be dates.. . And if you're going to organize photos that way, it make sense to have the date generated automatically... And that's OK, too.

I'm just personally not a big fan of deep hierarchies of nested photo folders... And the "flat" view of folders is where Picasa came from. Their ability actually present the folders in a normal "tree" view like Windows Explorer was a fairly recent addition to the program. Originally, the view was flattened. So it really made sense in that environment to give the folder a "real" name and have the folder date be an attribute of the folder...


On Apr 1, 8:11�am, zepking wrote:

I just reread my message....I apologize for coming off like an ungrateful a$$. Let me just quickly say that Picasa is an amazing piece of software, and with the addition of the request above it will be nearly perfect. Match that with the fact that Google has made it incredibly easy to upload pictures from Picasa into an online web photo album and given you 1 GB for free and its an amazing application. Google you have done an amazing job at helping people share and organize their photos.

Can Picasa do what ever other photo software does and import photos into folders that you don't have to name....folders that it will automatically name based on the date the picture was taken (ex. YYYY_MM_DD).

When I import photos from my camera I usually have photos on their from several days. �It doesn't make sense to import with Picasa and put all of the photos in one folder. �Especially a folder that I'll name. �Why not have it name the folder for me using the date the pic was every other piece of photo software. This seems like an easy thing to incorporate.