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Subject:Re: making search a real usecase (Another BUG!) (
Date:Apr 18, 2005 11:06:38 pm

I coded the search usecase yesterday. It works well and solves the issues from above. There are two items left: 1. Need to rewrite "{pub}/lenya/lucene.xmap" so it fails. 2. It uses checkboxes to allow searching multiple languages. Browsers send multiple entries in the form's GET, but my code assumes concatenated data ("en,de"). In "search-and-results.xsp":

I tried: String language = <xsp-request:get-parameter name="language" default="en"/>; This code does not return all values when the data is in multiple parameters.

I switched to: String language = <xsp-request:get-parameter-values as="xml" name="language" default="en"/>; but that errors with: "Type mismatch: cannot convert from void to String" XSPRequestHelper.getParameterValues(objectModel, this.contentHandler, "language", null, null);

I am assuming this is a BUG. Let me know if I missed something. I will override with client-side JavaScript for now.

Changed my mind again; I did not like the client-side JavaScript. Now "search-and-results.xsp" parses the query_string to get a multi-value string for "language". It works well.

FOUND ANOTHER BUG! String urlQuerystring = <xsp-request:get-query-string />; BUG: The query string is repeated. GIVEN: http://myserver/something?cms=lenya&dev=solprovider RETURNS: cms=lenya&dev=solprovider&cms=lenya&dev=solprovider

This bug does not affect my code, since it only cares if a language is listed at all and ignores repeats. And it is possible to unique() the values if necessary. But it is still a bug.