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Subject:KDE git workflow
From:Cornelius Schumacher (
Date:Jun 8, 2011 10:03:01 am

As you already know, we have discussed the git workflow for KDE at the Platform 11 sprint, and have come up with a recommendation. Please find the full text here:

The core ideas are that: * master is always kept in a stable state that is ready to be used for starting a release * development is happening in feature branches * for larger projects integration branches will be used for further stabilization and wider testing * changes going into master are going through a review process * releases are coming from release branches

Please read the full text before commenting to get all details.

This workflow will be adopted by some core modules, and is recommended for all KDE modules. It's flexible enough to be used by modules of different sizes and different requirements in terms of stability, so we hope it to be a reasonable fit for as many people as possible. Obviously we'll have to see how well it works and adapt it, if necessary, but it should be a good start.