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[duckhawk-scm] [150] trunk/awdip/src/test/resources/tests: Added new parametrized tests, removed old ones - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [151] trunk/awdip/src/test/resources/tests: Minor changes on tests (documetnation), renaming tests - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [152] trunk/awdip/src/test/java/com/lisasoft/awdip: Removed the no longer needed getFeatureTypeName() and geConfigFilename() methods from AbstractAwdipTest - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [153] trunk/awdip/pom.xml: Added generation of the test jar - aai...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [154] trunk/awdip/src/test/resources/tests: * new test for SiteSamplingStatistics feature type - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [155] trunk/awdip/src/test/java: * moved AWDIP sourced back from src/test to src/main (for easier build process) - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [156] trunk/awdip/src/main/java/com/lisasoft/awdip/AWDIPTestSupport.java: * changed test configuration directory to src/main - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [157] trunk/awdip/pom.xml: * updated maven build file to build one big executable jar that starts the test runner - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [158] trunk/awdip/src/main/resources/listeners: * HTML listener is a two step process now, to make sure the general report is generated. - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [159] trunk/awdip: * Server and directory settings are configurable with a properties file - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [160] trunk/awdip/awdip.properties: * Changed path to configuration files - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [161] trunk/awdip: improved source code of the tests - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [162] trunk/awdip/src/main/resources/tests: * xslt stylesheets: merged helper stylesheets back as saxon has problems with including stylesheets that are within a jar file - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [163] trunk/awdip/src/main/java/com/lisasoft/awdip/tests/general: * suite() methods throw more specific exceptions - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [164] trunk/awdip/src/main/java/com/lisasoft/awdip: * TestRunner won't stop if configuration file is missing - vmis...@codehaus.org
[duckhawk-scm] [165] trunk/awdip/src/main/java/com/lisasoft/awdip: some minor modifications... - shan...@codehaus.org