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[boo-scm] [3276] boo/trunk: gendarme: fix or ignore AvoidRepetitiveCasts defects - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3277] boo/trunk/extras: gendarme: fix/ignore more defects - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3278] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang/Runtime: new Type[0] => Type.EmptyTypes - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3279] boo/trunk: BOO-806: Volatile fields - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3280] boo/trunk/src/booc/App.cs: BOO-1173: booc should allow multiple assembly with the csc/gmcs syntax `-r:ASM1[,ASM2]` - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3281] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Steps: BOO-1174: Allow 'is' / 'is not' operators for boolean tests - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3283] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/regression: BOO-1176: Shifting on an unsigned integer results in wrong value - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3282] boo/trunk/extras/boo.xml: syntax file for Kate and other KDE-base editors (contribution by Marc Dassonneville) - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3284] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/regression: BOO-1177: [CompilerGlobalScope] on a class can result in conflicting constructor - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3285] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Steps: BOO-1084: IQuackFu conflicts with default indexer - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3286] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/errors: BOO-1052: Internal compiler error when a class has a non-event member with the same name as an abstract or interface event - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3287] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Steps: BOO-1178 - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3288] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.PatternMatching/Impl/PatternExpander.boo: in preparation for the 0.9.1 release when we start the strong assembly versioning policy it's no longer safe to depend on an earlier version of Boo.Lang.PatternMatching - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3289] boo/trunk: stronger assembly versioning policy: assembly version includes the release number - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3290] boo/tags/ release - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3291] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/semantics: use protected visibility for default constructor in abstract classes (as in C#) - cedr...@codehaus.org
[boo-scm] [3292] boo/trunk/tests/BooCompiler.Tests: BOO-1179: BCW0014 is issued when declaring a private entry-point method - cedr...@codehaus.org