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[2615] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Ast: generic virtual methods are very bad for performance - bam...@codehaus.org
[2616] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Steps/ProcessMethodBodies.cs: gmcs does not like calling Invoke on a delegate - bam...@codehaus.org
[2617] boo/trunk: bin update - bam...@codehaus.org
[2618] boo/trunk/scripts/update-vs2005-env.boo: keep MonoDevelop project uptodate too - bam...@codehaus.org
[2619] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang: removed a few warnings - bam...@codehaus.org
[2620] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Steps/EmitAssembly.cs: Mono cant construct enum array types unless the fields is already defined - bam...@codehaus.org
[2621] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang/Boo.Lang.mdp: updated MonoDevelop project - bam...@codehaus.org
[2622] boo/trunk: bin update - bam...@codehaus.org
[2623] boo/trunk: type reference splicing - bam...@codehaus.org
[2624] boo/trunk: bin update - bam...@codehaus.org
[2625] boo/trunk/extras: take install prefix into account when looking for the cli executable - bam...@codehaus.org
[2626] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Ast: correct splicing for nested type reference - bam...@codehaus.org
[2627] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler: dont translate primitive names to their CLI counterpart during expansion (friendlier error messages and less typing for test cases) - bam...@codehaus.org
[2628] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/regression: Fixed infinite loop bug when setting a property on base class (first part of BOO-844). - avi...@codehaus.org
[2629] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/regression: Fixed "no method to override" error when referencing overridden property before overriding it (second part of BOO-844). - avi...@codehaus.org
[2630] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang: thread safety patch by Ayende Rahien - bam...@codehaus.org
[2631] boo/trunk: bin update - bam...@codehaus.org
[2632] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler: Generics Refactoring: preparing for internal generic types (BOO-763). - avi...@codehaus.org
[2633] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Steps/GeneratorExpressionProcessor.cs: Generics refactoring fixup #1: fixed some comments. - avi...@codehaus.org
[2634] boo/trunk: Internal Generic Types: AST, Parser, TypeSystem and Emitter updates. - avi...@codehaus.org