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[2444] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Steps/EmitAssembly.cs: literal fields are being loaded with the right type already, no need to check for overflow - bam...@codehaus.org
[2445] boo/trunk: Updated monodevelop solution and project files. - avi...@codehaus.org
[2446] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Steps: Added support for consuming generic methods (BOO-777). - avi...@codehaus.org
[2447] boo/trunk: Fix for BOO-742 and support for the new "Type of *" syntax for referencing generic definitions. - avi...@codehaus.org
[2448] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler: node classes must implement Node.Accept; TypeReference subclasses must be XmlIncluded in TypeReference so ast blocks work correctly - bam...@codehaus.org
[2449] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Parser: wsa parser support for generic type definition references - bam...@codehaus.org
[2450] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler: Fixing the compiler breakage caused by fixing the parser breakage caused by my previous commit. - avi...@codehaus.org
[2451] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/Ast: introduced Node.GetAncestor - bam...@codehaus.org
[2452] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/TypeSystem/NameResolutionService.cs: more readable code - cedr...@codehaus.org
[2453] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler: let's commit [default(val)] attribute in its current state. - cedr...@codehaus.org
[2454] boo/trunk/src/booc: BOO-808 fix. - cedr...@codehaus.org
[2455] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/attributes: default attribute testcase + typo fix. - cedr...@codehaus.org
[2456] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler/CompilerErrorFactory.cs: additional InternalError factory - bam...@codehaus.org
[2457] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang/Resources: BOO-789 - cedr...@codehaus.org
[2458] boo/trunk/tests/default.build: fix Mono build - jbev...@codehaus.org
[2459] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang/Resources: reverting BOO-789 patch because it breaks the build - bam...@codehaus.org
[2460] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/net2/generics/generic-type-resolution-2.boo: fix the test case to make sure it also runs on .net - bam...@codehaus.org
[2461] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/errors: added one testcase for BCE0142 on [default] attribute. - cedr...@codehaus.org
[2462] boo/trunk/src: AbstractInternalType.GeneratedType removed so AbstractInterpreter can be used with different backends - bam...@codehaus.org
[2463] boo/trunk/default.build: csc.define must be used for Boo.Lang.Parser too - bam...@codehaus.org
[2464] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang.Compiler: BOO-789 reloaded, this should be ok this time. - cedr...@codehaus.org