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[boo] [2369] boo/trunk/tests: brought wsaboo.g parser uptodate with boo.g and finally added a test suite - boo.g tests will be automatically converted to wsa from now on and automatically added to the test suite so they won't diverge so much in the future - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2370] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/parser/wsa/member-references-1.boo: multiline member references test case - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2371] boo/trunk: bin update - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2372] boo/trunk/src/Boo.Lang: allow System.dll dependencies to be conditionally removed - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2373] boo/trunk/examples/pipeline/Trace: fixed example - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2374] boo/trunk/src/booc: the pipeline must be configured after the references were loaded - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2375] boo/trunk/examples/pipeline/HelloPipeline/src/: src folder - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2376] boo/trunk/src/booc: fixed custom pipeline loading - pipeline examples were failing to run on .net 2.0 - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2377] boo/trunk: bin update - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2378] boo/trunk/examples: BOO-788 - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2379] boo/trunk/tests/testcases/integration/duck-typing/duck-18.boo: more complete test case - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2380] boo/trunk/examples/duck-typing/XmlObject.boo: updated to be compatible with latest IQuackFu semantics - bam...@codehaus.org
[boo] [2381] boo/trunk: bin update - bam...@codehaus.org