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[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [603] branches/user: wbo.writesblock - creating branch - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [604] branches/user/wbo.writesblock: Added JMX based attribute to block write requests to the server - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [605] branches/user/wbo.writesblock/src/test/java/org/atomserver/core/dbstore/CRUDDBSTestCase.java: Added JMX based attribute to block write requests to the server - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [606] trunk/src/test/java/org/atomserver/core/dbstore: Added JMX function to block or allow write requests to server [Reviewed by: Bryon] - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [607] branches/user/wbo.writesblock/: wbo.writesblock - deleting promoted branch - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [608] branches/user/wbo.aggfeedcache: Sync with trunk to pick up Content-diffing, blocking write-requests, entriesMonitor, etc. - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [609] branches/user/wbo.aggfeedcache/src/main/resources/org/atomserver/ibatis: Restructured inner select query of the aggregate feeds query [Reviewed by: AlexV,BryonJ] - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [610] branches/user/wbo.aggfeedcache/src/test/java/org/atomserver/cache: Added functionality to check ChangedEvent table for aggregate feed cache configuration changes - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [611] trunk/src/site/apt: Updated release and snapshot numbers and release notes. - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [612] trunk/pom.xml: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release atomserver-2.1.16 - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [613] tags: [maven-release-plugin] copy for tag atomserver-2.1.16 - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [614] trunk/pom.xml: [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [615] branches/user/wbo.aggfeedcache/src/main/resources/env: Added locking for cache configuration changes and increase sql timeout - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [616] branches/user/wbo.aggfeedcache: Rename ChangedEvent table to AppServerSysParam table with an additional id column, update ddl scripts, fix categoryQuerySql for MSSQL regarding boolean expressions in select clause, sync with trunk [Reviewed by: Bryon, wbo] - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [617] branches/user/wbo.aggfeedcache/src/main/resources/org/atomserver/spring/aggregateFeedCacheBeans.xml: Remove prepopulated cache entries. - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [618] trunk/src/test/resources: Cached aggregate feed support. - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [619] branches/user/wbo.aggfeedcache/: wbo.aggfeedcache - deleting promoted branch - wb...@codehaus.org