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[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [555] trunk/src/test/java/org/atomserver: Added 2 statistics monitored on JMX console - Document-count and Max Index per Workspace-Collection. - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [556] branches/user/wbo.monitor/: wbo.monitor - deleting promoted branch - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [557] branches/user: wbo.obliterateEntry - creating branch - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [558] branches/user/wbo.obliterateEntry: Fix bug for obliterateEntries failing - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [559] trunk/src/test/java/org/atomserver/core/dbstore: Bug fix for JMX obliterate function [Reviewed by: Bryon] - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [560] branches/user/wbo.obliterateEntry/: wbo.obliterateEntry - deleting promoted branch - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [561] branches/user: wbo.dbcolsize - creating branch - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [562] branches/user/wbo.dbcolsize: Added an class to track size limits and validation of sizes for EntryId, Scheme, Term and Label - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [563] branches/user: wbo.p4jlogaccess - creating branch - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [564] branches/user/wbo.dbcolsize/src/main/java/org/atomserver/uri: Change to inject dataSource into SizeLimit class and inject SizeLimit into uri handlers - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [565] branches/user/wbo.dbcolsize/src/main/java/org/atomserver/core/dbstore/utils/SizeLimit.java: Change dbcp.BasicDataSource to javax.sql.DataSource in SizeLimit - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [566] trunk/src/main/java/org/atomserver/uri: Check size based on database column size and return error code 400 if too large [Reviewed by : Bryon] - wb...@codehaus.org
[atomserver-scm] [AtomServer] [567] branches/user/wbo.dbcolsize/: wbo.dbcolsize - deleting promoted branch - wb...@codehaus.org