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[iw] - 'Honest Government Ad' - Anti-encryption Law - Richard Forno
[iw] - Yuval Noah Harari extract: ‘Humans are a post-truth species’ - Richard Forno
[iw] - ‘Five Eyes’ governments call on tech giants to build encryption backdoors — or else - Richard Forno
[iw] - This Group Posed As Russian Trolls And Bought Political Ads On Google. It Was Easy. - Richard Forno
[iw] - DHS Continues Facial Recognition Deployment With An Eye On Expanding Program To All Domestic Travelers - Richard Forno
[iw] - good riddance -- Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones, InfoWars - Richard Forno
[iw] - Apple Permanently Banned Alex Jones' App From The App Store - Richard Forno
[iw] - Documents Show IBM Pitched The NYPD Facial Recognition Software With Built-In Racial Profiling Options - Richard Forno
[iw] - Sessions Open to Probe of Social Media Giants, Sources Say - Richard Forno
[iw] - Fwd: New modification of the old cold boot attack leaves most systems vulnerable - Richard Forno
[iw] - Fwd: EU approves controversial Copyright Directive, including internet 'link tax' and 'upload filter' - Richard Forno
[iw] - FEMA to test 'Presidential Alert' system next week - Richard Forno
[iw] - Congressional Research Service Reports Now Available Online - Richard Forno
[iw] - U.S. pushes back national wireless alert test to Oct. 3 - Richard Forno
[iw] - Fwd: John Hancock will include fitness tracking in all life insurance policies | VentureBeat - Richard Forno
[iw] - The Best Private Search Engines — Alternatives to Google - Richard Forno
[iw] - Firefox installs add-ons into your browser without consent… again - Richard Forno
[iw] - Google Suppresses Memo Revealing Plans to Closely Track Search Users in China - Richard Forno
[iw] - Starting with Chrome 69, logging into a Google Site is tied to logging into Chrome. - Richard Forno
[iw] - Fwd: ES&S installed pcAnywhere on voting machines in *hundreds* of jurisdictions - Richard Forno
[iw] - NYT: For Hackers, Anonymity Was Once Critical. That’s Changing. - Richard Forno
[iw] - JHU's Matthew Green: Why I’m done with Chrome - Richard Forno
[iw] - Google promises Chrome changes after privacy complaints - Richard Forno
[iw] - SEC sues Elon Musk for fraud and seeks to bar him from leading a company - Richard Forno
[iw] - Facebook Network is Breached, Putting 50 Million Users’ Data at Risk - Richard Forno