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[singa] branch dev updated: autograd for cifar10 multiprocess - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] branch dev updated: add benchmark.py for cifar_distributed_cnn - wang...@apache.org
[singa] branch dev updated: train script for cifar 10 distributed training - wang...@apache.org
[singa] branch dev updated: remove run-rtx.sh from cifar_distributed_cnn folder - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] branch dev updated: include the Apache license header for process_data.py - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] branch dev updated: Fix the CI build error by downloading the tbb binaries - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] 01/01: Merge pull request #866 from apache/dev - wang...@apache.org
[singa] branch master updated (ced9e9d -> f010280) - wang...@apache.org
[singa] annotated tag 3.2.0 updated (f010280 -> baf939e) - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] branch dev updated: Append public key of zhaojing into KEY - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] branch dev updated: Update the release note for v3.2.0 - zhao...@apache.org
[singa-site] branch master updated: Git web site publishing via .asf.yaml - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] branch master updated (f010280 -> 847eacb) - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] 01/01: Merge pull request #870 from apache/dev - zhao...@apache.org
[singa] annotated tag 3.2.0 updated (847eacb -> 7775daf) - zhao...@apache.org
svn commit: r49087 - in /dev/singa: 3.2.0/ 3.2.0/apache-singa-3.2.0.tar.gz 3.2.0/apache-singa-3.2.0.tar.gz.asc 3.2.0/apache-singa-3.2.0.tar.gz.sha512 KEYS - zhao...@apache.org