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parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-489: Shared library symbol visibility - we...@apache.org
parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-653: Build conda artifacts with -static-libstdc++ again - we...@apache.org
parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-551:Handle compiler warnings due to disabled DCHECKs in relea… - we...@apache.org
4234426ADA - comm...@parquet.apache.org
parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-656: Revert attempts to make conda artifacts portable - we...@apache.org
parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-657: Do not define DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN if already defined - we...@apache.org
parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-658: Add virtual destructor to ColumnReader - we...@apache.org
parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-659: Export extern templates for typed column reader/writer classes - we...@apache.org
parquet-format git commit: PARQUET-609: Add Brotli to parquet's thrift definition - bl...@apache.org
parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-661: Fix perl hashbang to use perl in environment - we...@apache.org
parquet-cpp git commit: PARQUET-662: Compile ParquetException implementation and explicitly export - we...@apache.org
parquet-mr git commit: PARQUET-654: Add option to disable record-level filtering. - bl...@apache.org
parquet-mr git commit: PARQUET-663: Update README.md - bl...@apache.org
parquet-mr git commit: PARQUET-389: Support predicate push down on missing columns. - bl...@apache.org
parquet-mr git commit: PARQUET-540: Fix Cascading 3 build thrift and SLF4J. - bl...@apache.org
parquet-mr git commit: PARQUET-651: Improve Avro's isElementType check. - bl...@apache.org
parquet-mr git commit: PARQUET-543: Remove unused boundedint package. - bl...@apache.org
parquet-mr git commit: PARQUET-667: Update committers lists to point to apache website - alex...@apache.org