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[jira] [Created] (ORC-455) Fail to convert output of data - Tomas Zulberti (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-456) [C++] Simplify code logic in RleEncoderV2 - Fang Zheng (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-457) If a timestamp is inserted using INSERT INTO ... SELECT and selected again the value is shifted - Markus Steindl (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-458) [C++] Redesign of ColumnVectorBatch/ColumnWriter - Renat Valiullin (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-459) [C++] Make orc-tools utility and make it portable. - Renat Valiullin (JIRA)
[ANNOUNCE] Apache Roadshow Chicago, Call for Presentations - Trevor Grant
Expected type coercions - Dain Sundstrom
Adding more timestamp types to on-disk storage formats - Zoltan Ivanfi
[jira] [Created] (ORC-460) Enable C++ shared libraries - Owen O'Malley (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-461) Replace `git-wip-us` with `gitbox` - Dongjoon Hyun (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-462) Add `Dongjoon Hyun` to the committers page - Dongjoon Hyun (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-463) Add `version` command - Dongjoon Hyun (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-464) [C++] Avoid computing zigzag values for DELTA and SHORT_REPEAT encoding - Fang Zheng (JIRA)
Orc Acid? - Jacques Nadeau
[jira] [Created] (ORC-465) [C++] Add a test for PATCHED_BASE encoding - Fang Zheng (JIRA)
Re: Orc Acid? - Shant Hovsepian
[jira] [Created] (ORC-466) Show `mode` for `NoSuchPaddingException` - Dongjoon Hyun (JIRA)
Re: Orc Acid? - Alan Gates
[jira] [Created] (ORC-467) Upgrade storage-api to 2.7.0 - Yuming Wang (JIRA)