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[jira] [Created] (ORC-430) Support combining orc files in Hadoop streaming - Yuanbo Liu (JIRA)
Questions about C++ interface - Korry Douglas
[jira] [Created] (ORC-431) Fix typo in exception message and simplify code logic - Fang Zheng (JIRA)
Re: Questions about C++ interface - Xiening Dai
Re: Questions about C++ interface - Korry Douglas
[jira] [Created] (ORC-432) openjdk 8 has a bug that prevents surefire from working - Owen O'Malley (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-433) Suppress the downloading messages from Maven that make travis CI crash - Owen O'Malley (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-434) Fix incorrect documentation for Date/Timestamp ColumnStatistics - Gang Wu (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-435) Ability to read stripes that are greater than 2GB - Prasanth Jayachandran (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-436) A test failure of TestHadoopShimsPre2_7 with OpenJDK 11 - Tsuyoshi Ozawa (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-437) Make acid schema checks case insensitive - Vaibhav Gumashta (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-438) NPE in StringStatisticsImpl.merge() - Sandeep More (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-439) DateTreeWriter casts long value to int - Mareike Höger (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-440) Fix deserialization of the StringStatisticsImpl when truncated - Owen O'Malley (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-441) Add constraints to file metadata (not null, unique, sorted by) - Owen O'Malley (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-442) [C++] Code improvements in Statistics and Writer - Fang Zheng (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-443) [C++] Code improvements in ColumnWriter - Fang Zheng (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (ORC-444) Fix errors in RLE section in ORC spec and improve RLEV2 encoder code. - Fang Zheng (JIRA)