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olingo-odata4 git commit: OLINGO-861: Fixing the recursive load of the references, and nested annotations - rare...@apache.org
olingo-odata2 git commit: [OLINGO-1105] JUnits for Custom Query Options in batch - chri...@apache.org
olingo-odata4 git commit: [OLINGO-1106] JUnit for Custom Query Options in batch - chri...@apache.org
olingo-odata4 git commit: OLINGO-1104: Write @odata.navigationLink and @odata.assosiationLink always when metadata=full, previously it is omiited when query came in with - rare...@apache.org
Build failed in Jenkins: olingo-odata4 #1407 - Apache Jenkins Server
olingo-odata4 git commit: OLINGO-1008: allowing cross-site fetching of reference metadata during fetch/resolution of - rare...@apache.org
Jenkins build is back to normal : olingo-odata4 #1408 - Apache Jenkins Server
olingo-odata4 git commit: OLINGO-1111: using correct facets for building the key column - rare...@apache.org
olingo-odata4 git commit: OLINGO-1112: checking the key values for null when building the location URL in the response - rare...@apache.org
olingo-odata4 git commit: OLINGO-1107: Changing client encoding of URL to use %20 instead of using + for space. This is done by switching the Olingo supplied Encoder and Decoder rather than the JDK supplied URLEncoder and URLDecoder - rare...@apache.org
olingo-odata4 git commit: OLINGO-846, OLINGO-1076: Expanding/relaxing the allowence of white space AFTER the query option is decoded. Also applying to name segment, note that this is only for user supplied queries - rare...@apache.org
olingo-odata2 git commit: [OLINGO-1098] Incorrect handling of SQL wildcards - chri...@apache.org
olingo-odata2 git commit: [OLINGO-1093] Support Binary Content in Batch - chri...@apache.org
olingo-odata2 git commit: [OLINGO-1093] Add Apache header to Util Class - chri...@apache.org
olingo-odata4 git commit: [OLINGO-1064] ComplexType is deserialized as Primitive Type if the value is NULL - chri...@apache.org
olingo-odata4 git commit: [OLINGO-1102] Missing Detail error message for ODataServerErrorException - chri...@apache.org
[1/2] olingo-odata4 git commit: [OLINGO-975] Olingo client sends incorrect types for collection members - chri...@apache.org
[2/2] olingo-odata4 git commit: [OLINGO-1099] OData V4.0: $levels refactoring - chri...@apache.org
olingo-odata4 git commit: [OLINGO-753] Incorrect uri formed when the uri parameter contains /$count in URIUtils class - chri...@apache.org
[1/2] olingo-odata4 git commit: OLINGO-1046: allowing bad white space where OData specificationa allows during the URL parsing - rare...@apache.org
[2/2] olingo-odata4 git commit: Merge branch 'OLINGO-1046' - rare...@apache.org