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[metamodel] branch master updated: METAMODEL-156: Fixed selection of default schema - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] branch master updated: Closes #207 - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 03/03: Corrections as per review by @LosD - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 02/11: the result of column.getNativeType() may be null - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 03/11: add pagination function to the Hive sql. 1.Version 1 only support row_number() ; 2.Version 2 support limit offset ,ref https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HIVE-11531 - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 04/11: fix code style - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 08/11: update license info - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 07/11: Empty commit to trigger rebuild - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 05/11: thanks for your advise, I modify the code and add Rewriter for different Hive sersion. - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 11/11: Merge remote-tracking branch 'q977734161/master' - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 10/11: Empty commit to trigger rebuild - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 06/11: thanks for your advise,I modify the code. - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 09/11: I change the code style,thanks for review. - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] branch master updated (0f5a21e -> 2dd1ddc) - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 01/03: Added the DynamoDB module to the `full` module. And created DC factory. - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 02/03: Added optional "region" property to factory - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] branch master updated (2dd1ddc -> d6143ab) - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] 01/11: Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' - kasp...@apache.org
[metamodel] branch master updated: Updated CHANGES.md - kasp...@apache.org