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[madlib] branch master updated: DL: Modify multi-fit warm start to accept non-matching mst&model tables - okis...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: clarify warm start with model selection in user docs - fmcq...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: DL: Update tests calling trap_error - khan...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: Build: Add support for pg 12 - khan...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: DL: Improve performance of mini-batch preprocessor (#467) - dom...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: DL: Fix failure on GPDB6 for preprocessor - khan...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated (7625ae0 -> 273301e) - fmcq...@apache.org
[madlib] 01/02: Decrease the learning rate for transfer learning test - fmcq...@apache.org
[madlib] 02/02: Update Apache Copyright date - fmcq...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: misc user doc clarifications - fmcq...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated (515dc25 -> 5ddec47) - dom...@apache.org
[madlib] 01/02: DL: Fix metrics_elapsed_time for fit multi model - dom...@apache.org
[madlib] 02/02: DL: Drop leftover tables - dom...@apache.org
svn commit: r37664 - /release/madlib/KEYS - okis...@apache.org
svn commit: r37665 - /dev/madlib/KEYS - okis...@apache.org
[madlib-site] branch asf-site updated: updated Jupyter notebooks for 1.17 - fmcq...@apache.org
[madlib-site] branch asf-site updated: re-try adding jupyter notebooks for 1.17 - fmcq...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: Kmeans: Convert python inf and nan values to postgres - okis...@apache.org