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[madlib] 02/02: Minibatch DL: Add extra image data examples to the user docs - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated (5e601fb -> 7b9c837) - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] 01/02: Minibatch DL: Set default normalizing constant to 1.0 - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated (7b9c837 -> f760e72) - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] 01/02: New Module: Deep Learning helper functions - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] 02/02: Deep Learning: Add documentation for helper function and refactor code. - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: Deep Learning: Disable deep learning for gpdb 4.3 - okis...@apache.org
[madlib] 04/06: Deep Learning: Add unit test cases - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] 03/06: Deep Learning: Add dev-check test cases - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] 06/06: Deep Learning: Add asserts to madlib keras dev check test - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] 05/06: Deep Learning: Refactor code - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated (e5ace86 -> 868633d) - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] 01/06: Minibatch Preprocessor: Fix random distribution bug for DL - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] 02/06: New Module: Deep Learning support with Keras - njay...@apache.org
[madlib] 02/05: Remove dependent_offset - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] 03/05: Add class_values and normalizing_const column in summary table - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] 04/05: DL: Update user doc - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] 05/05: DL: Add unit test and refactor - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated (868633d -> 1681468) - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] 01/05: DL: Add one-hot encode support for minibatch preprocessor - jing...@apache.org
[madlib] branch master updated: update user docs for loading model arch - fmcq...@apache.org