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knox git commit: KNOX-1411 - WEBHBASE service discovery references incorrect property for the port - pzam...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1415 - Upgrade Jetty to 9.2.25 - lmc...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1416 - Upgrade Spring Framework to 4.3.17.RELEASE - lmc...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1457 - Upgrade Bouncy Castle Dependency from Pac4J - lmc...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1417 - Upgrade Bouncy Castle Dependency from Pac4J [Forced Update!] - lmc...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1412 - Knox should honor the Content-Encoding header when it can - mo...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1412 - Adding UnitTest - mo...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1204 - combine policy across user and groups - lmc...@apache.org
svn commit: r1837653 - in /knox: site/ site/books/knox-0-10-0/ site/books/knox-0-11-0/ site/books/knox-0-12-0/ site/books/knox-0-13-0/ site/books/knox-0-14-0/ site/books/knox-0-4-0/ site/books/knox-0-5-0/ site/books/knox-0-6-0/ site/books/knox-0-7-0/ s... - mo...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1420 - Add app.css path for Zeppelin's style sheet (Prabhjyot Singh via Sandeep More) - mo...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1422 - Add knoxauth to the default whitelisting services and fix redirect.jsp whitelisting bug - mo...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1339 - Support for a normalized dispatch used across all services exposed by the topology - mo...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1424 - Fix renaming app to /gateway/ui_ns1/zeppelin/app ( Sameer Shaikh via Sandeep More) - mo...@apache.org
knox git commit: KNOX-1430 - Potential output stream handle leak when copyLarge files in streamResponse (Guang Yang via lmccay) - lmc...@apache.org