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git commit: THRIFT-1815 Code generators line buffer output - Go compiler - jen...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-1815 Code generators line buffer output - Go compiler - jen...@apache.org
[1/2] git commit: THRIFT-2251 go test for compact protocol is not running - jen...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2246 Unset enum value is printed by ToString() - jen...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-1639 Java/Python: Serialization/Deserialization of double type using CompactProtocol - rog...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2216 cocoa: Extraneous semicolon in TProtocolUtil.h makes clang mad Patch: Andrew McGeachie - rog...@apache.org
[1/3] git commit: THRIFT-2250 JSON and MemoryBuffer for JavaME Patch: Henrique Mendonca - henr...@apache.org
[2/3] git commit: ignore test log files - henr...@apache.org
[3/3] git commit: Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/thrift - henr...@apache.org
git commit: Python Tornado TTornadoServer base class change Patch: Bryan Pham - henr...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-1813 java: Add @Generated annotation to generated classes Patch: Arvind Jayaprakash and Andrew Gaul - rog...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2227 Thrift compiler generates spurious warnings with Xlint - jen...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2193 Java code generator emits spurious semicolon when deep copying binary data - jen...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2172 Java compiler allocates optionals array for every struct with an optional field Patch: Andrew Gaul - rog...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2260 java: Thrift imposes unneeded dependency on commons-lang3 - rog...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2229 thrift failed to build on OSX 10.9 GM - rog...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2267:Should be able to choose socket family in Python TSocket Client: py Patch: Abraham Elmahrek - jfar...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2249:Add SMP Build option to thrift.spec (and three config defines) Client: build Patch: Martin Vogt - jfar...@apache.org
git commit: THRIFT-2275 Fix memory leak in golang compact_protocol. - jen...@apache.org