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sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2409: Sqoop2: Bump up Tomcat version to 6.0.37 in integration test - qx...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2366: Sqoop2: Create infrastructure providers for hadoop, tomcat, and database providers - rzh...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2398: Sqoop2: Show all job with order - jar...@apache.org
[1/2] sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2414: Sqoop2: Change JUnit Assert class to TestNG Assert class - jar...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2406: Add support for secure mode when importing Parquet files into Hive - jar...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2384: SQOOP2: Remove source code from binary distribution - jar...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2365: Sqoop2: Create annotation and base class - jar...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2422: Sqoop2: Test TestJSONIntermediateDataFormat is failing on JDK8 - ab...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2424: Sqoop2: Provide custom TestNG listener in integration tests - ab...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2426: Sqoop2: Precommit: Provide maven profile that will run all tests for precomit hook at once - ab...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1094: Add Avro support to merge tool - jar...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2427: Sqoop2: Precommit: Use the precommit maven profile to run tests - ab...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2432: Sqoop2: Update maven-site-plugin for in root pom.xml - gwen...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2433: Sqoop2: Add way to invoke findbugs checks from maven - gwen...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2429: Sqoop2: Precommit: Add parameter --run-integration-tests - gwen...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2428: Sqoop2: Precommit: Print actions in order they've been executed - gwen...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2430: Sqoop2: Precommit: Add test coverage reports - gwen...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2436: Sqoop2: PreCommit script crashes when testing a patch that was already committed - gwen...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2437: Use hive configuration to connect to secure metastore - jar...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2447: Sqoop2: Precommit: Improve cobertura test coverage reporting - ab...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-2452: Sqoop2: Findbugs: Convert anonymous class in ResourceRequest to static inner class - ab...@apache.org
sqoop git commit: SQOOP-1256: Sqoop2: Tool: Load repository dump into a different repository - ab...@apache.org