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svn commit: r1549540 - in /river/jtsk/skunk/qa_refactor/trunk: qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/impl/reggie/MultihomedClientTest.java src/com/sun/jini/reggie/RegistrarEvent.java src/com/sun/jini/reggie/RegistrarImpl.java src/net/jini/core/lookup/ServiceEvent.java - pete...@apache.org
svn commit: r1549810 - in /river/jtsk/skunk/qa_refactor/trunk: qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/spec/lookupservice/test_set00/MultipleEvntLeaseRenewals.java src/com/sun/jini/reggie/RegistrarImpl.java src/com/sun/jini/thread/InterruptedStatusThread.java - pete...@apache.org
[jira] [Resolved] (RIVER-279) Create a Jini Platform Specification that defines the minimum/maximum set of specifications that make up the platform - Greg Trasuk (JIRA)
[jira] [Resolved] (RIVER-405) Please remove old releases from incubator distribution area - Greg Trasuk (JIRA)
[jira] [Commented] (RIVER-300) introduce maven to the river build process - Greg Trasuk (JIRA)
[jira] [Resolved] (RIVER-327) Fast logging loop due to unexpected multicast socket close in LookupDiscovery$AnnouncementListener - Greg Trasuk (JIRA)
[jira] [Resolved] (RIVER-328) OSGi Bundles for Versioning Control and Codebase Evolution - Greg Trasuk (JIRA)
[jira] [Resolved] (RIVER-329) Tool support for generating OSGi bundles for Jini Services - Greg Trasuk (JIRA)
[jira] [Resolved] (RIVER-415) Non-forward compatible code leads to RuntimeException when accessing class com.sun.jini.logging.Levels - Greg Trasuk (JIRA)
[jira] [Updated] (RIVER-430) Minor precedence bug in DefaultPolicyScanner.PrincipalEntry.toString - Niclas Hedhman (JIRA)
[jira] [Closed] (RIVER-405) Please remove old releases from incubator distribution area - Sebb (JIRA)
[jira] [Created] (RIVER-431) Java Memory Model Compliance - Peter Firmstone (JIRA)
[jira] [Updated] (RIVER-431) Java Memory Model Compliance - Peter Firmstone (JIRA)
[jira] [Commented] (RIVER-362) Denial of Service during unmarshalling of smart proxy's - Peter Firmstone (JIRA)
svn commit: r1552606 - in /river/jtsk/skunk/qa_refactor/trunk: qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/impl/joinmanager/ qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/impl/mercury/ qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/impl/start/ qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/services/lookupsimulator/ qa/src/com/sun/jini... - pete...@apache.org
svn commit: r1553097 - in /river/jtsk/skunk/qa_refactor/trunk: qa/src/com/sun/jini/qa/harness/ qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/impl/norm/ qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/impl/outrigger/notify/ qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/share/ qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/spec/jeri/mux/ q... - pete...@apache.org
svn commit: r1553229 - /river/jtsk/skunk/qa_refactor/trunk/qa/src/com/sun/jini/test/impl/norm/LeaseExpirationTest.java - pete...@apache.org