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2020 May [All Months]

[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7726: Update boost requirement to 1.54 - laur...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7724: Refactor metadata controller batch - prog...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7717: Support Mongo extended types in V2 JSON loader - prog...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7716: Create Format Plugin for SPSS Files - cgi...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7738: Fix TestDynamicUDFSupport failure for GitHub Actions - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated (778309e -> c32a9eb) - cgi...@apache.org
[drill] 01/02: DRILL-7730: Improve web query efficiency - cgi...@apache.org
[drill] 02/02: Revisions from review comments - cgi...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7707: Unable to analyze table metadata is it resides in non-writable workspace - cgi...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated (b2aa1a9 -> d280d06) - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 01/04: DRILL-7741: Columns are missing when using convert_from function - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 02/04: DRILL-7739: Allow implicit casts from required to nullable data type - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 03/04: DRILL-7734: Revise the result set reader - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 04/04: DRILL-7725: Updates to the EVF2 framework - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7744: Move Filters from HTTP Storage Plugin to Drill Core - cgi...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7727: Fix protobuf warning message - cgi...@apache.org