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[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7313: Use Hive schema for MaprDB native reader when field was empty - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7200: Update Calcite to 1.19.0 / 1.20.0 - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7314: Use TupleMetadata instead of concrete implementation - ari...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated (e843588 -> 1522dd0) - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 01/02: DRILL-7315: Revise precision and scale order in the method arguments - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 02/02: DRILL-7316: Move classes from org.apache.drill.metastore into org.apache.drill.exec.metastore package in java-exec module - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7306: Disable schema-only batch for new scan framework - ari...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7317: Close ClassLoaders used for udf jars uploading when closing FunctionImplementationRegistry - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7293: Convert the regex ("log") plugin to use EVF - ari...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-6951: Merge row set based mock data source - ari...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7307: casthigh for decimal type can lead to the issues with VarDecimalHolder - ari...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7272: Drill Metastore Read / Write API and Drill Iceberg Metastore implementation - ari...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated (efbf4fc -> fb30eb9) - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 01/02: DRILL-7205: Drill fails to start when authentication is disabled - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 02/02: DRILL-7332: Allow parsing empty schema - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7327: Log Regex Plugin Won't Recognize Schema - volo...@apache.org