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[drill] 05/05: DRILL-7236: SqlLine 1.8 upgrade - ari...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated (2615d68 -> 2766e65) - ari...@apache.org
[drill] 01/05: DRILL-7258: Remove field width limit for text reader - ari...@apache.org
[drill] 02/05: DRILL-7261: Simplify Easy framework config for new scan - ari...@apache.org
[drill] 03/05: DRILL-7279: Enable provided schema for text files without headers - ari...@apache.org
[drill] 04/05: DRILL-7278: Refactor result set loader projection mechanism - ari...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7251: Read Hive array w/o nulls - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated (de0aec7 -> f3f7dbd) - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 01/03: DRILL-7294: Prevent generating java beans using protostuff to avoid overriding classes with the same simple name declared as nested in the proto files - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 02/03: DRILL-7294: Regenerate protobufs - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 03/03: DRILL-7292: Remove V1 and V2 text readers - volo...@apache.org
[drill] 03/03: DRILL-7302: Bump Apache Avro to 1.9.0 - aman...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated (f3f7dbd -> 205e028) - aman...@apache.org
[drill] 01/03: DRILL-7268: Read Hive array with parquet native reader - aman...@apache.org
[drill] 02/03: DRILL-7297: Query hangs in planning stage when Error is thrown - aman...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated: DRILL-7271: Refactor Metadata interfaces and classes to contain all needed information for the File based Metastore - volo...@apache.org
[drill] branch master updated (dc865e8 -> f3d6b69) - ari...@apache.org
[drill] 01/02: DRILL-6711: Use jitpack repository for Drill Calcite project artifacts instead of repository.mapr.com - ari...@apache.org
[drill] 02/02: DRILL-7310: Move schema-related classes from exec module to be able to use them in metastore module - ari...@apache.org