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svn commit: r1509548 - in /crunch/site/trunk: content/ content/apidocs/0.7.0/ content/apidocs/0.7.0/org/ content/apidocs/0.7.0/org/apache/ content/apidocs/0.7.0/org/apache/crunch/ content/apidocs/0.7.0/org/apache/crunch/class-use/ content/apidocs/0.7.0... - jwi...@apache.org
svn commit: r872398 - in /websites/staging/crunch/trunk/content: ./ apidocs/0.7.0/ apidocs/0.7.0/org/ apidocs/0.7.0/org/apache/ apidocs/0.7.0/org/apache/crunch/ apidocs/0.7.0/org/apache/crunch/class-use/ apidocs/0.7.0/org/apache/crunch/contrib/ apidocs... - buil...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-245: Fix hbase.zookeeper.quorum is overriden by hbase-default.xml - chao...@apache.org
[3/3] git commit: CRUNCH-212: Target wrapper for HFileOuptutFormat - chao...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-247: Enable the planner to take advantage of to-be-materialized outputs during job planning. - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-248: Fix exception masking issue in CrunchReducer caused by SingleUseIterable - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-250: Remove unnecessary bzip2 support; Hadoop handles this natively - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-249: Fix HFileTargetIT failure under hadoop2 - chao...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-253: Make the sourceTarget API calls on ParallelDoOptions and GroupingOptions consistent - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: Crunch-254: Added access to the underlying JobId for MRPipeline jobs - mkw...@apache.org
git commit: Minor change in README about the HBase version - chao...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-255: HFileOutputFormatForCrunch should use configuration from table for compression, block encoding, block size... - chao...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-256: Cache intermediate file IDs for the sequential naming scheme, which is now a singleton. - jwi...@apache.org