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git commit: CRUNCH-162: Add a Shard library for rebalancing the contents of PCollections - jwi...@apache.org
[1/2] CRUNCH-213 Add sharded join - gre...@apache.org
[2/2] git commit: CRUNCH-213 Add sharded join - gre...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-211 Add one-to-many join functionality - gre...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-217: Ensure PipelineResult captures pipeline failures. Contributed by Joe Adler. - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-215 Add BloomFilterJoinStrategy - gre...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-214: Fix compilation error on jdk6 - chao...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-220: Ensure existing target checking works on all filesystems - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-223: Fix WordCountHBaseIT failure - chao...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-220: Use the FileSystem implied by the target path in FileTargetImpl - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-221: Ignore hidden files during materialization. - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-224 Support SequenceFiles in MemPipeline - gre...@apache.org
svn commit: r1494921 - in /crunch/site/trunk/content/apidocs: 0.3.0/index.html 0.4.0/index.html 0.5.0/index.html 0.6.0/index.html - ma...@apache.org
svn commit: r866597 - in /websites/staging/crunch/trunk/content: ./ apidocs/0.3.0/index.html apidocs/0.4.0/index.html apidocs/0.5.0/index.html apidocs/0.6.0/index.html - buil...@apache.org
svn commit: r866598 - /websites/production/crunch/content/ - ma...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-219: Allow FileSourceImpl to take in multiple paths - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-229: Better error handling for incompatible Target/PType combinations. - jwi...@apache.org
git commit: CRUNCH-218: Add a WriteMode for checkpoint outputs, and make invalid checkpoint targets throw a CrunchRuntimeException. - jwi...@apache.org