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[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1396: Merge update comment block to have correct array type for actions field - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (1b8bc97 -> d771dae) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (d771dae -> 8d15ada) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1366: Merge correct sort order of connection history entries. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (8d15ada -> a54c785) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1398: Merge explicitly fit guac-tiled-clients directive to available space. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1386: Merge meta key handling fix. - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (a54c785 -> 8afac61) - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1218: Merge document JSON authentication extension. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] branch master updated (6a842c6 -> 0253202) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (8afac61 -> 0cc9f46) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1199: Merge corrections to handling of unchanged, database-stored attributes. - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (0cc9f46 -> 43546c8) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1261: Merge changes allowing object identifiers to contain slashes within AngularJS URLs. - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1397: Merge changes automatically focusing TOTP prompt. - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (43546c8 -> 5cf030a) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-770: Merge documentation for resetting TOTP enrollment. - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] branch master updated (0253202 -> 18ff476) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] branch master updated (18ff476 -> 53fa9e8) - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1407: Merge updated documentation about JDBC driver autodetection. - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (5cf030a -> 002cfde) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1407: Merge automatic detection of whether MySQL/MariaDB driver - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch staging/1.4.0 created (now 002cfde) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-server] branch staging/1.4.0 created (now 12b8eac) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] branch staging/1.4.0 created (now 53fa9e8) - mjum...@apache.org