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[guacamole-client] branch master updated (71948a5 -> 11c1575) - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-server] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1064: Merge Norwegian keyboard layout for RDP. - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-server] branch master updated (31b4246 -> 278745d) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-773: Merge NPM build migration and update to latest javascript dependencies. - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (11c1575 -> 305eda0) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-773: Merge exclude node_modules directory from source archive. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (305eda0 -> 111647b) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-773: Merge restore missing static template/layout files. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1347: Merge migrate from DocBook to Sphinx. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] branch master updated (1d72bd8 -> 3a31470) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] branch master updated (3a31470 -> 8028c9d) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1252: Merge documentation for configuring RADIUS NAS IP. - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (111647b -> 960db9a) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1364: Merge add support for overriding extension priority without renaming files. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-680: Merge do not immediately re-authenticate after logout. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (960db9a -> e550b24) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-641: Merge correct regressions in custom pooled datasource behavior. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (e550b24 -> 037ed21) - vni...@apache.org