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[guacamole-server] branch master updated (7bbab0e -> d9d5c79) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-server] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1305: Merge fix pt-br keyboard layout - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] branch master updated (9223dbe -> fa8662c) - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1302: Merge lossless compression documentation for VNC and RDP. - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (80ae753 -> 754e964) - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1302: Merge definitions and translations for VNC/RDP "force-lossless" parameter. - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-server] branch master updated (d9d5c79 -> e2a136f) - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-server] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1302: Merge support for forcing lossless compression in VNC and RDP connections. - jmue...@apache.org
[guacamole-server] branch master updated (e2a136f -> b2ae2fd) - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-server] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1307: Merge use VerifyCertificateEx callback if supported. - vni...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] branch master updated (754e964 -> d4e3d8c) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-client] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1025: Merge QuickConnect support for allowing/denying connection parameters. - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] branch master updated (fa8662c -> 1d72bd8) - mjum...@apache.org
[guacamole-manual] 01/01: GUACAMOLE-1025: Merge documentation for allowing/denying connection parameters with QuickConnect. - mjum...@apache.org