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2014 April [All Months]

git commit: FALCON-352 old properties not removed on refresh of runtime properties. Contributed by Shaik Idris Ali - shwe...@apache.org
git commit: FALCON-396 minor logging typo in FalconTopicSubscriber. Contributed by Raghav Kumar Gautam - shwe...@apache.org
git commit: FALCON-409 Not able to create a package. Contributed by Raju Bairishetti - shwe...@apache.org
git commit: FALCON-380 The dependency option doesn't mention input or output for a feed. Contributed by Suhas Vasu - shwe...@apache.org
[1/3] git commit: FALCON-393 Display error messages when the web UI fails to get the data from the server. Contributed by Haohui Mai - venk...@apache.org
[2/3] git commit: FALCON-395 Falcon service does not start when _HOST is used in the spnego principal. Contributed by Venkatesh Seetharam - venk...@apache.org
[3/3] git commit: FALCON-397 DistCp uses JobSubmissionFiles API which is incompatible between hadoop versions. Contributed by Venkatesh Seetharam - venk...@apache.org
git commit: FALCON-391 Add ability to set mapBandwidth. Contributed by Michael Miklavcic - shwe...@apache.org
git commit: FALCON-284 Hcatalog based feed retention doesn't work when partition filter spans across multiple partition keys. Contributed by Satish Mittal - shwe...@apache.org
git commit: FALCON-418 FALCON-395 introduces a regression with hadoop-1. Contributed by Jean-Baptiste Onofré - venk...@apache.org
git commit: FALCON-229 Enable SSL for Falcon REST API. Contributed by Srikanth Sundarrajan - venk...@apache.org