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[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Do not allow ' ' at the start or end of delimiters - jad...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Added max/minValidYear tunable - jad...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Remove Java 10 from TravisCI build configuration - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch master updated: Update java/scaladoc latest link to point to 2.2.0 - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch asf-site updated: Publishing from 57f97a323d076db2d3959078148a80d88d40b8a7 - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Add SDE for missing closing tag - jad...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Show different error message for OOM - jad...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Updated broken tests to check for error message - jad...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Changing to ignore attributeFormDefault - efin...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Adding error when a property is "%" or ends in "%" - efin...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Updating to set encoding of CLI output to UTF-8 - efin...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Refactored TDML Runner for Cross Validation with IBM. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated (55ddb63 -> 6239df2) - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] 01/02: Fixed infinite loop due to not gathering the error reliably. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] 02/02: Fixed eclipse classpath files due to tdml to tdml-lib name change. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated (6239df2 -> d986442) - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] 01/02: Missing terminator was reporting itself as a missing initiator. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] 02/02: Another tweak to eclipse classpath/project settings. - mbec...@apache.org