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[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Enable annotation of an XSD with both DFDL annotations and an unrelated annotation language. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Correctly check if an element is required - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Move CLI tests to sbt integration - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Fix eclipse project files for daffodil-cli module. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch master updated: Add more bugs fixed in 2.1.0 - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch asf-site updated: Publishing from 834980b56685871dcf4160b3b7d3d4d6626b49b3 - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Change val and lazy val to def - multi-threading bug due to state? - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Adds missing properties to DFDLGeneralFormat.dfdl.xsd - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch master updated: updated Taylor Wise affiliation info. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch master updated: fixed missing link in faq. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch asf-site updated: Publishing from d4f1919ed5ae2011eec37087fe9a974dfbf35bc6 - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch asf-site updated (ac91d65 -> 9d91717) - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Fixes some issues with separated empty optional elements, (ie. 1:2::4:5). This was one of the bugs that was preventing the IBMTLOG4690 schema project form working correctly. Note that formats that have these optional empty elements will not necessarily round trip. - jad...@apache.org