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[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Clean up SBT warnings - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated (4017616 -> a1d881b) - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] 01/02: Update eclipse classpaths to work with latest. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] 02/02: Revised daffodil-io module to require passing in a FormatInfo object. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Optimizations with Infoset HashMap lookups/insertions - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Fix so query-style paths are allowed if unambiguous at runtime. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Prepend rather than append when adding required evaluations to the root OOLAGContext - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated (5c3b495 -> e7492d0) - jad...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] 01/01: Merge pull request #16 from jadams-tresys/daffodil-1739-packedDecimal - jad...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Improve XMLTextInfosetOutputter output - slaw...@apache.org
svn commit: r24469 - /dev/incubator/daffodil/ - john...@apache.org
svn commit: r24470 - /release/incubator/daffodil/ - john...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Performance improvements around FormatInfo change. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: TDML Runner no longer strips all attributes. - mbec...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch master updated (b734172 -> 4327a3a) - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] 01/02: Add user related pages that were previously stored on the wiki - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] 02/02: Misc updates to website - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch master updated: Changes in preparation for the 2.1.0 release - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil-site] branch asf-site updated: Publishing from a017a2602de683ed37076b0ed27e9e0defed8e3b - slaw...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Fixed bug in calculating bit length for delimited unparsing - jad...@apache.org
[incubator-daffodil] branch master updated: Removed working test from scala-debug - jad...@apache.org