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aurora git commit: AURORA-1923 Aurora client should not automatically retry non-idempotent operations - mehr...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Make sure we track scheduling penalty when no tasks are scheduled. - dmcl...@apache.org
aurora git commit: AURORA-1922 Expose stats on the number of jobs stored in MemCronJobStore - mehr...@apache.org
aurora git commit: AURORA-1915 Add automatic browser tab open feature for aurora update start - mehr...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Add best-effort update affinity into the Scheduler. - dmcl...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Adding metrics for removals from BiCache - dmcl...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Fix update affinity cache name - se...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Added 'aurora task scp' command for copying/retrieving files to the sandbox of a task instance. - san...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Fix SchedulingBenchmarks broken in Mesos Maintenance and Update Affinity patches. - dmcl...@apache.org
svn commit: r19784 - /dev/aurora/KEYS - san...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Add cluster state debug endpoint to Scheduler HTTP servlet. - dmcl...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Add the ability to customize scheduling logic. - dmcl...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Normalize state endpoint to reduce API payload size. - dmcl...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Bump logback to 1.2.3 and SLF4J to 1.7.25 - se...@apache.org
aurora git commit: Enables scalable, high-performance bin-packing approximation by sorting offers. Can be controlled via Scheduler flags. - dmcl...@apache.org