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[incubator-annotator] branch master updated (6abc9e8 -> f6a4ec6) - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 01/02: Upgrade dependencies - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 02/02: Chase the ecosystem - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] branch master updated (f6a4ec6 -> 83aa41f) - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 01/03: Upgrade @babel/runtime dependencies - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 02/03: Use lib imports in tests - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 03/03: Extract cartesian test into test file - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] branch master updated: Include all tests in webpack test bundle - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] branch master updated: Add preserve-comment-header Babel plugin - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] branch master updated: Fix fragment grammar license text - rand...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] branch master updated: Fix #26 by explaining it is local only content - bigb...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator-website] branch asf-site updated: Add a more targeted link for Code in nav - bigb...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] branch master updated (69afe10 -> 6c6b337) - bigb...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 01/02: Add Apache License 2.0 LICENSE file to packages - bigb...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 02/02: Add NOTICE to fragment-identifier package - bigb...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] branch master updated (6c6b337 -> 0408f98) - bigb...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 01/02: Add NOTICE files to all packages - bigb...@apache.org
[incubator-annotator] 02/02: Bump NOTICE copyright end year to 2018 - bigb...@apache.org