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[jtharness~svn:2969] Code cleaning - make members local variables to avoid race conditions. - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2970] NPE protection added. - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2971] NPE checks. - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2972] Integrate NPE check - rev 2969-2971. - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2973] One last NPE protection. - bkur...@java.net
Re: Fwd: Changelog as promised (upd.) - Myspace
[jtharness~svn:2974] synch with trunk - er...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2975] Adapter for backward compatibility with jtreg - er...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2976] upd - er...@java.net
Fwd: JENELLE - Copies of Policies - Badoo
[jtharness~svn:2977] Priority fixes for agent. - bkur...@java.net
You have notifications pending - Bebo Service
[jtharness~svn:2978] Report refactoring - er...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2979] upd - er...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2980] upd - er...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2981] regression (plain text report type in command line mode) fixed - er...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2982] Sync with trunk. - bkur...@java.net
You have been sent a file (Filename: Commits-14683.pdf) - LiveJournal.com
[jtharness~svn:2983] CODETOOLS-7163438 active agent accepts zero port number leading to except - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2984] CODETOOLS-6220753 incomplete support for tracing in agent - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2985] Integrate CODETOOLS-7163438 active agent accepts zero port number leading - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2986] Revert to rev2983 - accidentally added rev2984. - bkur...@java.net