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[jtharness~svn:2777] 7104206 links to JTRs are absolute - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2778] 7104206 make JTR links in KFL report relative (if inside workdir) - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2779] 7104206 - secondary fix, leading / on windows absolute path is wrong - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2780] 6823019 javadoc update for TestFilter - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2781] 6865536 Create Report button not re-enabled if Cancel button used - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2782] initial created from trunk for 4.5 - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2783] should not have made the folder first? - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2784] initial copy of trunk to my 4.5 branch - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2785] add test manager description to agent glossary - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2786] Add test manager to glossary - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2787] agent glossary changes for 4872815 - dlph...@java.net
花钱的采购部门就不值得尊重? - Fiona.Ben
[jtharness~svn:2788] Integrate rev2778 (7104206) - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2789] Integrate rev2781 (6865536) - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2790] fix for backing up report directories; added sample report structure as a - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2791] fix spacing problem in Agent glossary - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2792] javadoc update - bkur...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2793] remove references to audit tool - dlph...@java.net
玩不转PPT/EXCEL,还在职场混啊? - Jessica.Zhuang
[jtharness~svn:2794] removed audit references - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2795] remove audit - dlph...@java.net
[jtharness~svn:2796] Integrate changes from Dawn - remove audit mostly. 7155267 4972815 - bkur...@java.net
伤不起的HR,竟成了"企业法务专家" - Camille.You
郎咸平;经济变局可能在一夜之间发生 - Camille.Guan